Saks Fifth Avenue Style Advisor – Designer Handbags

Hudson's Bay Company

The Hudson's Bay Company is truly one-of-a-kind. No other company in the world can boast the longevity of success, legacy of innovation or significance in history.

Role Mandate

Under direction from the Selling Manager, the Style Advisoris a fashion authority who is responsible for driving sales through outstandingcustomer service and through the development of deep relationships with theirclients.

They leverage their broad knowledgeof trends to meet their clients’ total wardrobing needs and demonstrate a “getproduct from anywhere mentality” to service their clients and driveloyalty.

The Style Advisor is focused on strategically marketingthemselves and growing their business through various platforms that includeclienteling technology, social media, referrals and networking. They strengthen their client relationshipsthrough targeted communication of personalized recommendations of new productand in-store experiences that will increase client engagement.


  • Establishes deep relationships with clients and drivesrepeat business to achieve sales goals and event goals
  • Consistently delivers memorable shopping experiences to allclients; plans client appointments to maximize results
  • Maximizes every appointment with a client to address theirfashion needs and those of the client’s family
  • Informs clients of in-store events to enhance theirexperience of Saks and increase engagement
  • Skilled at diagnosing client spend and identifyingopportunities to increase engagement and wallet share
  • Seeks to increase new client acquisition by leveragingvarious marketing tools such as ccA+, social media platforms, referrals andnetworking


  • Focused on building personal brand as a fashion authoritythrough proactive marketing and outreach
  • Leverages social media platform to promote themselves as afashion influencer and broaden connections beyond client base
  • Skilled at using multiple channels of technology tostrengthen existing relationships and drive new client acquisition
  • Uses ccA+ clienteling tool to stay connected with the clientand make targeted recommends based on shopping history and preferences
  • Proactively reaches out to clients to share a curated viewof new receipts that are aligned with their clients fashion preferences
  • Uses technology to deliver 24/7 service

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