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Role: Executive AssistantLocation: Redmond, WATypical Day: Coming in they should first be checking the GM’s calendar and making sure there are no changes and if changes ensuring the calendar is up to day. Quick sync with incumbent to ensure they are on same page. Expenses that come through and making sure they are submitting in timely manner. Planning travel (GM does travel both domestically and internationally. Admin booking through MS portal for travel). Team support and ensuring they have what they need in terms of hardware/supplies and connecting with other admins on team to ensure items are getting completed. Adhoc items.Task Breakdown:–Calendar primarily–Travel (GM usually goes to UK once a quarter) Business trips will be overnight to San Fran and other domestic places.–Expense reports, adhoc items and team support by ordering equipment/supplies and managing hardware requests–Interaction level: Interacting with sponsor weekly. Interacting with GM daily, interacting with GM’s team (130 people) and other Admins on team.–Work Environment: Working in incumbent’s office–Travel: NoCandidate Requirements:–Experience: 2-5+ years of Business Administrator experience supporting executive/management. Experience interacting with Executives and experience providing professional support (calendaring, travel, expense reports, team support (on adhoc basis) and supporting team. Experience communicating with the business within Microsoft or other corporate level company.–Candidates must have Microsoft experience or corporate level experience similar to MS. If the candidates have former MS experience, the sponsor is open to seeing candidates who’s access limit available is equal to or longer than the assignment end date.–Tool Experience: Excel (reviewing data in-between tabs, filtering. Doesn’t need experience with pivot tables or v-lookups), calendaring (outlook), Word, MyOrder (creating new PO’s, ordering hardware/supplies), HeadTrax and MSTravel.–Best Candidate: Mentioned experience highlighted. Microsoft experience or other corporate level experience equivalent to Microsoft.–Disqualifier: If candidate has jumped around a lot from job to job without any reasoning/explanation. The environment can be chaotic and needs to have candidate that can deal with ambiguity. If candidates are not comfortable with this, they would not be the best fit (experience wise) for this need.–Performance Indicators: Working independently, finding compliant solutions. Feedback from team and GM on support.Top 3 must-have hard skillsCalendar experienceHeadTrax experience or other tool equivalent to HeadTrax (An intranet application that provides Microsoft employees with one easy-to-access database of up-to-date headcount information and facilitates management of organization staffing processes.)Experience with MS travel tool (MSTravel) or other travel tool – provided by Dice